iCONX wholesale management system (WMS)

One fully integrated wholesale solution to meet all interconnect billing, routing and trading needs for wholesale voice, messaging, data and digital telecommunications traffic.

wholesale management platform

One platform to support all your wholesale telecom solution needs

Running your wholesale telecommunications business is not getting easier. You may have a number of legacy systems supporting distinct activities for interconnect billing and routing & trading.  As wholesale services evolve, and wholesale agreements become more complex, operating these separate systems becomes even more difficult. This maintenance effort is costing you time and money!

Having a single platform that can deliver all your wholesale business needs is possible with the iCONX Wholesale Management System. We provide all your interconnect billing, routing optimisation & trading needs in one system, for managing your wholesale voice and messaging business.

We understand that providing you with an easy to use solution that can easily support and automate changes with your partners is critical to your business needs. All wholesale scenarios are supported including incremental billing, OBR origination charging, bilaterals, A2P and digital interconnect services.

By choosing iCONX, you are future proofing your wholesale telecoms capabilities and staying ahead of telco market changes. See why you should work with a trusted partner with over 20 years of experience in wholesale telecommunications.

Benefits of iCONX wholesale management system in telecoms

wholesale management systems

One system

Proven wholesale telecommunications management solution using one source of network and agreement data to perform all the required interconnect billing, routing and trading activities.

wholesale telecommunications

Niche expertise

Designed to fully support the latest domestic and international Interconnect voice, data and messaging trends, with constant roadmap investment including OBR and A2P messaging.

wholesale management system

Automate operations

Easily import data, update agreement changes, produce interconnect billing, routing and trading views and optimise operational activities, using one harmonised platform.

iconx telco wholesale management system

Secure and reliable platform

Powerful rating, billing and routing functionality with full audit trail capability – delivered with industry leading technologies, privacy and security standards including ISO27001, ISO22301, BS10012, and SOC1 SSAE 18 for financial integrity controls.

iconx telco

Maximise decision making

Our wholesale telecommunication system provides easy access to impressive reporting data, dashboards and alerts, that users can simply customise to meet their needs.

wholesale management system

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You have the freedom to choose interconnect billing or routing optimisation as separate products from iCONX. Where you need both, choose our fully integrated Wholesale Management System as one platform to fully manage your wholesale operations. See how each of these options can meet your Interconnect Billing or Routing optimisation needs.

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