iCONX Wholesale Fraud Management System (FMS)

A bold wholesale telecom fraud solution designed with the latest AI technologies for telco fraud prevention in international wholesale voice traffic.

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Wholesale Fraud in Telecommunications

Fraudsters continuously look for ways to manipulate or steal services from a telecommunications provider. This is resulting in bill shock for your customers or lost revenue for you. The industry migration in recent years to simpler IP communication platforms has made it even easier for these fraudsters. With customer targeted telco fraud now growing and being harder to detect – this impacts your reputation as well as your financial results.

iCONX Fraud management system (FMS) is driven by artificial intelligence to combine both inbound and outbound voice traffic analysis, unlike traditional fraud systems that look at subscriber call behaviour only. Our FMS can therefore detect complex wholesale fraud scenarios much faster. This includes blocking the inbound ‘baiting’ such as Wangiri or Robocalls and PBX Hack detection.

Using the latest technology and industry insight, iCONX is expertly placed to help you combat wholesale telecoms fraud for international voice traffic on your network.


Benefits of Telecom Fraud Prevention

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Wholesale focus and expertise

A unique “wholesale voice” focus – iCONX are experts in detecting Revenue Share fraud and Bypass fraud types.

telco fraud prevention

Faster Fraud Detection powered by AI

Identify telco fraud attacks much sooner in their lifecycle by focusing on inbound traffic – early detection is critical to prevent network flooding, fraud losses and subscriber fraud response activity.

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Hands-free solution where the 3rd party fraud data is updated automatically. Wholesale Fraud cases are instantly detected using the latest AI technology and industry leading number management and fraud database results.

telco fraud management system

Auto blocking

Automatic blocking can be implemented to block the carrier, the destination range or CLI – with full workflow approval configuration options.

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End to end automation

A fully automated platform that includes integration with your switch for importing traffic data, updated telecom fraud intelligence, and the option to interface with your voice or routing platform for blocking or rerouting selected fraud types.

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Business process optimisation

Sophisticated case workflow management and alerts for detection and blocking telecom fraud cases, that align with your own business rules and processes.

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iCONX fraud management system (FMS) features

Supports a sophisticated decision making workflow.

The potential fraud “cases” are auto generated by the sophisticated AI technology powered Fraud Engines. The Action Centre provides a business workflow for cases helping users or teams to approve the case for blocking or other actions. Subscriptions let users filter what cases are pushed to them for attention.

The intelligent decision making workflow enables key decision making activities to support carrier relations, reclaim processes and customer satisfaction. It also knows when to block, when to monetise, and how to manage the risk profile between the two options. 

The Action Centre allows the case to be closed down correctly with fraud conclusions so that management and KPI reporting can be achieved, which will show financial impacts and monthly trends.

Fuel – and refuel – the system with a rich maintenance-free Knowledge Base of anti-fraud data.

The iCONX KnowledgeBase is offered as a subscription service sharing a best-of-breed aggregation of customer and market intelligence updated and shared by iCONX with subscribing customers, along with a constantly refreshed World Numbering Plan that’s optimised for Wholesale fraud purposes.

  • Suspicious ranges
  • Confirmed IPRN numbers being actively sold globally by IPRN resellers
  • Allocated and unallocated ranges changes are monitored by the regulator in each country
  • Indicative wholesale rates are published enabling the system to apply financial values to fraud scenarios.

In this way the iCONX FMS system gives immediate wins for combatting telco wholesale fraud out of the box.​ Simply import your wholesale voice call traffic and identify partner routes on the iCONX FMS system – no other maintenance is required.

Fully automate blocking and rerouting of fraud near real-time.

Our fraud management software allows for seamless integration with voice switches for automated blocking of fraud originating or termination countries, either as specific numbers or number ranges. The Routing Automation Module can send blocking or rerouting rules directly onto the switch or central routing engine, to prevent customer complaints or revenue losses and ensure profitable routing choices are secured.

Empower your business with the latest business intelligence tools.

An advanced reporting environment is embedded into iCONX FMS using the latest Microsoft business intelligence technology. Interact with near-real-time data via management dashboards and customisable reporting views, to make informed decisions to protect your business from telecoms fraud. This includes essential alarms and KPI reporting showing financial values for frauds blocked – and continuing to be blocked.

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Protects you from the latest types of telecom fraud

Unique approach for earlier detection of both wholesale and retail frauds.

iCONX FMS analyses wholesale data in new ways to identify and block classic retail (subscriber) frauds using the inbound and outbound call detail records. The latest telco fraud scenarios are supported including:

Wangiri is short/zero duration calls placed from high-cost destinations, baiting the recipient to call back high cost revenue share numbers.

A business PBX is hacked to pump calls to high-cost premium numbers which have often been ordered specially for this telecom fraud attack.

Fraudsters may be harvesting revenue share from artificially inflated traffic.

Artificial traffic inflation, often generated via Wangiri, PBX hack, SIM cloning or subscriber frauds.

Where origin numbers are amended to avoid expensive OBR surcharges.

Our Telco Fraud Management process

FMS is driven by artificial intelligence to combine records from your network with our industry-leading Knowledge Base fraud data in the Fraud engines that will create cases and then block the telecom fraud or raise an alert.

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