iCONX Call Routing Sotware

Innovative business application for managing call routing rules, quality, pricing and bilaterals for least cost routing and trading of international wholesale voice traffic.

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Optimise your wholesale voice business with intelligent call & Least Cost Routing

The wholesale telecommunications market for international voice is more competitive than ever. The business environment is growing in complexity with trading challenges including wholesale fraud, origin-based routing, dial code management, incremental rates and bilateral agreements. These challenges are all increasing pressure on margins and market share for international voice traffic and moreover, resulting in time consuming manual process and separate inefficient systems to keep up. This makes it even harder to optimise routing and successfully compete in this dynamic market.

Telecommunication providers require intelligent least cost call routing to identify the optimal quality route using the lowest cost, where origin routing and complex bilateral commitments are supported.

The iCONX Least Cost Routing software can digitise and transform your routing and trading operations for your international wholesale voice business using one single platform. This is a fully proven solution in use by some of the global telco brands. Put the commercial team in charge of managing your wholesale voice business, by giving them powerful business tools to define commercial routing rules and bilateral commitments, without any input from your busy engineering teams. Enjoy time-saving automation of all routing and trading operations, where optimal least cost routing using the latest quality, forecasting and agreement data, can be instantly provisioned onto your switch.

Call routing and voice trading benefits with iCONX

call routing

Maximise margins

Proven international voice routing and trading solution that delivers robust margin controls while balancing cost, dial code breakouts, quality and trading commitments.

routing optimisation telco

Expert voice routing and trading system

Latest international voice call routing, and call trading scenarios are supported including OBR, invalid CLI, quality of service, bilateral and swap agreements.

intelligent call routing

Routing automation

Increase productivity and minimise losses from manual errors with a least cost routing system that is proven to interface with the leading network elements.

iconx telco wholesale management system

Secure and reliable platform

Assurance from powerful call routing software optimisation and rating platform being used by the leading telco brands – delivered with industry leading technologies, privacy and security standards including ISO27001, ISO22301, BS10012, and SOC1 SSAE 18 for financial integrity controls.

routing optimisation

Powerful routing & trading controls

Access impressive reporting data and alerts including margin, routing and trading data that users can easily customise to meet their needs.

call routing software

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Features of iCONX’s call routing and trading software


Feature rich technology that calculates optimal call routing.

Intelligent numbering management and sophisticated forecasting and call routing algorithm to assure optimal routing and protection from arbitrage.


Industry leading features that assures profitable trading of international voice traffic.

The Trading Management features provide advanced pricing, bilateral and swap agreement, and margin management capability to ensure profitable trading agreements.

Customised pricing templates are easily configured by the user, where pricing is automatically populated based on the forecasted call routing cost base, margin settings, bilateral commitment or special pricing overrides. Further Floor Prices controls are available which ensures voice traffic is never routed to a destination at a loss. Powerful margin management and bilateral agreement reporting and alerts are available to keep in control of all trading positions.

A solution that supports high quality service delivery and assures customer satisfaction.

The Quality Module automatically excludes carriers who are below pre-defined quality thresholds. These rules can be defined per commercial product and destination. The system is configured to automatically calculate quality thresholds using historic quality data, with exclusion workflow approval embedded, that can be customised to support your business needs.

Timely alerts and alarms on low route or destination quality, ensure calls are always routed appropriately. iCONX Call Routing Optimisation prevents call quality from falling below the threshold levels. Improve your delivery of voice service and increase customer satisfaction with better voice quality services, this enhances loyalty and in-turn profitability.

Seamless integration with voice switches and centralised routing engines, for both rating of traffic and provisioning of routing plans.

The Routing Automation Module implements call routing tables directly onto the switch, allowing the business to seize short-term commercial opportunities. The ability of iCONX Routing Optimisation to automate route changes can have a significant impact on margins. Since interconnect costs can change at short notice, and need immediate action to prevent losses, our dynamic and powerful software ensures that profitable routing opportunities are secured.

The spread of OBR has aimed in the main, to rebalance termination rates between countries or economic regions such as the GCC as EEA. This requires a sophisticated rating and routing optimisation process that looks at both where the call originated as well as the end destination. iCONX’s Routing Optimisation system is fully 100% compliant for loading, rating, routing calculation and reporting of OBR traffic scenarios. 

A complete “any-to-any” granularity of origin vs destination mapping, using intelligent batching processes, enables efficient and timely management of the origin/destination mix. Mediation-level features are embedded to identify blank or Invalid CLI origin numbers such as number length rules, where higher rates often apply.

Empower your business with the necessary tools to uncover data-driven insights.

Interact with near-real-time data via management dashboards and customisable reporting views, to make informed decisions and maximise revenue assurance. Using the latest Microsoft Power BI reporting and dashboard technology, any user can easily create impressive looking reports that provide invaluable understanding of your wholesale business.

Our software allows for seamless integration with Voice switches and centralised routing engines for both rating of traffic and provisioning of routing plans. The Routing Automation Module implements call routing tables directly onto the switch allowing the business to seize short-term commercial opportunities. The ability of iCONX Call Routing Optimisation to automate route changes can have a significant impact on margins, since interconnect costs can change at short notice and need immediate action to prevent losses and ensure profitable routing opportunities are secured.

Simplify your partner-related activities for routing optimisation.

Users can easily set-up new partners, and configure any applicable charging rules. The latest interconnect charging scenarios are fully supported including OBR “Origination Based Rating” surcharges, and incremental duration charging rules. Partner agreements are easily configured and updated using the Powerful Autoloader Tools, including bilateral and swap commitments.

Trade international voice traffic with confidence

You need assurance on trading margins, and at the same time deliver high quality international voice services to your customers. An intelligent call routing solution that can optimise both the buying and selling of international traffic is essential. Balance cost, quality and network capacity with confidence and in real-time, with user-friendly, pricing, margin controls, bilateral monitoring tools, dial code, workflow management and reporting tools.

Improve your ability to compete in the international voice market and boost your voice trading margins with iCONX Call Routing Optimisation. Be assured that OBR and today’s most advanced and complex bilateral and swap deal types are fully supported, to deliver what you need today, and support future growth opportunities.

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iCONX process diagram

You have the freedom to choose interconnect billing or call routing optimisation as separate products from iCONX. Where you need both, choose our fully integrated Wholesale Management System as one platform to fully manage your wholesale operations. See how each of these options can meet your Interconnect Billing or Call Routing optimisation needs.

wholesale management system

Choose iCONX for your telecom routing needs

Succeed in wholesale voice and optimise your routing and trading operations with iCONX call routing solutions, serving some of the leading telco brands. Digitise and transform your wholesale voice business with the iCONX call routing optimisation software. Access state-of-the-art software that can interface with the latest network elements to fully automate your routing operations.

The iCONX user-friendly BSS business tool will empower your commercial teams, to manage your routing and trading business with confidence. Speak to iCONX, the experts in routing optimisation of international wholesale voice, on how we can meet your business needs today.


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