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Routing and Blocking
iCONX launches its “routing and blocking portal”

This new technical tool from iCONX enables both technical and non-technical users to take direct control of blocking and emergency re-routing – forging an immediate,…

iCONX releases wangiri fraud detection capability

Following a strong resurgence of IRSF (International Revenue Share Fraud) since the EU’s implementation of Roam-Like-Home, telcos have observed a dramatic increase in “Wangiri” fraud.

iconx bs 10012
iCONX augments its market-leading GDPR compliance as the first company in Ireland to receive BS10012 certification

Specialist wholesale billing and routing optimisation solutions vendor iCONX solutions has announced it is the first company in Ireland to be approved for BS10012 certification.


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Cloud expertise
Cloud expertise – Peace of mind for SaaS customers

Before placing their faith in a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on the cloud, telcos require the utmost assurances on data security, privacy, business…

origon based rating
New levels of control for quality management in A2P messaging

Service Providers increasingly seek reliable ways to better segregate A2P traffic, so that margins can be maximised according to different quality levels. But the challenge…

Powerful “KnowledgeBase” unveiled as iCONX upgrades its v3 fraud management system

Dublin-based wholesale routing, billing and fraud management specialist iCONX has launched an automated service for uploading real-world Fraud intelligence to its customers – known as…

Case studies

iCONX Customer Support is not just an ‘IT helpdesk’. It is staffed by interconnect billing experts. See our latest customer case studies.

iCONX engages regulator to win customer’s case

An interconnect partner was billing an iCONX customer for roaming charges pertaining to international freephone services. However, there was no evidence of any such rates/charges…

iconx telecoms
iCONX helps customer be ready for punitive back-bill

A mistake by an interconnect partner meant that an iCONX customer had been under-billed by almost $600,000. Two years after the incident, they were hit…

iconx interconnect billing
iCONX resolves interconnect dispute by re-claiming $900k

Interconnect disputes impact negatively upon on cashflow. An iCONX customer was locked in a dispute worth $1.1m which almost threatened their continued existence. iCONX staff…