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Vodafone and iCONX strategically collaborate in Oman.
iCONX Embarks on Strategic Collaboration with Vodafone in Oman 

iCONX is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Vodafone, marking an exciting venture into Oman’s dynamic telecom market. As Oman’s trailblazing Telco, Vodafone has…

iCONX at DTW23 – Ignite: Connecting in Copenhagen 2023

iCONX was represented by Sacha Jones, in TM Forum’s DTW23 – Ignite Conference in Copenhagen in June.  With 3,700 attendees from 114 countries, the event…

A man and woman holding a certificate in front of a green background at a Wholesale Telecoms event.
Sacha Jones Graduates with an MBS in Business Practice

Sacha Jones, Director at iCONX, has recently achieved a major accomplishment in her career by graduating from the Irish Management Institute/University College Cork with a…


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OBR Continues to Provide Challenges in Wholesale Voice  

OBR Origin based rating is a complex dual rate charging method in wholesale voice that has aimed to rebalance termination rates between countries or economic…

wholesale telecommunications
New Levels of Control For Quality Management in A2P Messaging

Service Providers increasingly seek reliable ways to better segregate A2P traffic, so that margins can be maximised according to different quality levels. But the challenge…

combat telecom fraud 2022
Combating Telecom Fraud with IPRN Data

How are you supposed to keep track of the low risk telecom fraud destinations such as UK, Belgium and Switzerland that have suddenly appeared…

the benefits of incremental billing.
60-60 or Incremental Billing, like OBR, continues to grow to help boost falling Wholesale Revenue.

60-60 Billing Techniques : how to ensure compliance for both Billing and Settlement ​“60-60 billing”, or to give it a better title “Incremental billing”, is…

Case studies

iCONX Customer Support is not just an ‘IT helpdesk’. It is staffed by interconnect billing experts. See our latest customer case studies.

iCONX Engages Regulator To Win Customer’s Case

An interconnect partner was billing an iCONX customer for roaming charges pertaining to international freephone services. However, there was no evidence of any such rates/charges…

iconx telecoms
iCONX Helps Customer Be Ready For Punitive Back-Bill

A mistake by an interconnect partner meant that an iCONX customer had been under-billed by almost $600,000. Two years after the incident, they were…

iconx interconnect billing
iCONX Resolves Interconnect Dispute by Re-Claiming $900k

Interconnect disputes impact negatively upon on cashflow. An iCONX customer was locked in a dispute worth $1.1m which almost threatened their continued existence. iCONX…