iCONX license installed on site

The iCONX wholesale management software can be licensed by you, installed on your network, and managed by your IT support team and business users. This provides you with full operational and security control of the iCONX software.

iCONX delivery options

We offer a range of software delivery options combined with a flexible commercial approach. Whether hosted for you within our cloud data centers as a subscription service, or implemented on your network using our fully licensed model – with or without our expert led managed services. We have the delivery option you need to operate an industry leading wholesale management system using the latest technologies.

The iCONX wholesale management software options are identical across all delivery models, with a user-friendly front-end GUI for all functions. You are free to move freely from one chosen model to another as your requirements evolve. The choice is yours.

on site license

Benefits of iCONX license installed on site

When you select the iCONX fully licensed delivery model, you are provided with full control to operate the iCONX software and store your traffic records on your own network. The software is installed and configured by our experienced implementation team on your own network infrastructure. The iCONX software can be deployed to a virtualised or physical environment.

iCONX provide full user training to your IT and business team, to operate and maintain our software. Our global support team are experts in what you do, and are available to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed.

iCONX can support your preferred commercial model for using our licensed software installed on your premises. You have the option to:

  • Pay up front (Capex) with support and maintenance provided according to an annual charge. 
  • There is an alternative subscription option, where you can pay a monthly (Opex) “right to use” license and support fee.

The iCONX project team will implement and configure the iCONX software and handover to your technical team and business users for production use. The iCONX team is fully scheduled to support you for the full project life cycle. This includes full training and helping you through customer user testing, right through to final acceptance and production go live. Full system and user training is provided as part of handing over the iCONX software for final acceptance and production use.

Following go live, full support and maintenance are provided to an agreed SLA by the iCONX team, who are experts in operating the iCONX software.

iCONX delivery options

hosting services

Hosting subscription service

Access industry leading cloud services and let iCONX manage the hardware and system administration.

iconx managed services

Managed services

Outsource your routine wholesale billing, routing and fraud activities to iCONX.

iconx professional services

Professional services

Access the best expertise in wholesale telecoms for delivering your particular needs.

hosting and subscription services

Managed file transfer

Control, automate and secure your organisation’s data transfer activities with Wizuda MFT.

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Don’t take it from us

With customers worldwide, iCONX is active across Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Pacific regions. We are pleased to share testimonials from some of our projects.

iCONX provides all our billing, reporting and routing optimisation needs for our interconnect voice and P2P SMS traffic. As our business partner and experts in their domain, we work in close collaboration with the iCONX team to deliver the solutions that support the growing challenges we face in the interconnect voice market. The iCONX solution is very user-friendly and accurate, it allows flexible reporting and is kept up to date to reflect market changes such as OBR and Fraud (sur)charging.
We consider iCONX as a reliable partner that works closely with us to create optimal solutions for managing our international wholesale voice business. The iCONX team of experts are helpful, professional and highly knowledgeable in the wholesale domain. They deliver their high-quality services to us with a personal touch and always take the time to address our complex needs.
We have been working with the iCONX team for 15+years and consider them a very reliable partner that never lets us down. The wholesale billing solution is simple to use and superior to other options we have looked at. Notably, the reporting functionality allows us to create our own reports which is a time saver. This gives me access to data that makes my job far easier. We are confident that iCONX is the right solution to meet our current and future needs.
“iCONX has been successful in providing a fast-track solution which successfully met the challenging timeframe requirements of the Vodafone Qatar business. The cycle from initial implementation to live use was extremely rapid, and has enabled the business to address its interconnect business with full confidence.”
“We fully trust iCONX, as the founders and employees are highly dedicated to the actual interconnect business – which makes working with them so easy”
”iCONX now provides us with a trusted a-s-p delivery service across our wholesale billing, settlement and routing space. The additional RO solution was thoroughly tested in live operations and met all its objectives comfortably”
“iCONX has successfully met our challenge to deploy its interconnect billing system, on-time and on-budget. In live use, the solution has proven itself to be highly capable in meeting the requirements of the Vodafone Fiji business, and the iCONX team has provided a strong package of support, at both local and global levels, to the Vodafone Fiji users.”
We selected the iCONX solution based on its superior functional capabilities, at both system and service level, to deliver the very broad and demanding scope of requirements in the IVU. Despite a demanding timeline, the iCONX team achieved a fully on-time delivery to meet our pressing commercial schedules.

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