iCONX wholesale messaging

A dedicated wholesale messaging business tool for mobile operators, messaging aggregators and SMS hubbing providers – for SMS billing, SMS routing and SMS pricing of wholesale A2P and P2P messaging traffic.

wholesale messaging

Wholesale messaging in telecommunications

The decline in Person-to-Person (P2P) wholesale messaging traffic following intense competition from OTT messaging services, is now being compensated with the rapid growth in Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic. The growing enterprise use cases for universal communications is generating exciting A2P business opportunities for messaging service providers – namely for marketing, engagement of customers and more recently for security and authentication. The rollout of next generation Rich Communication (RCS) messaging is expected to deliver even further revenue potential.

This growth in A2P messaging traffic coincides with more complex requirements to manage your wholesale messaging business. Wholesale messaging agreements are now more dynamic than ever before, and require intelligent SMS routing, SMS billing and SMS pricing capability to instantly update daily agreement changes and compete in this growing market.

Monetise your wholesale messaging business with confidence! iCONX lets you automate and manage your messaging supplier agreements, optimising routing plans to strike a balance between the cheapest and best quality route. Messaging pricelists can automatically be generated from the forecasted cost base – with billing and reconciling capability fully integrated into the same platform. The latest wholesale messaging trends are fully supported, including the next generation RCS messaging protocol.

Our wholesale messaging solution provides messaging and hubbing service providers with the commercial layer needed to implement a margin-rich trading solution for A2P!

Benefits of iCONX wholesale messaging Billing

wholesale messaging

Dedicated messaging Billing platform

Fully manage your wholesale business with one integrated platform that delivers your routing, billing and pricing for all messaging traffic.


wholesale messaging

Optimise margins

Use a powerful intelligent routing and pricing solution that can balance cost, quality and trading commitments – with margin management features to assure optimal business results.

wholesale mesaging

Expert system

The latest wholesale messaging trends are supported including A2P and RCS.

wholesale messaging

High levels of automation

Increase productivity, minimise losses from manual errors and simplify the management of constant rate changes and routing table updates.

iconx telco wholesale management system

Secure and reliable platform

Powerful rating, billing and routing functionality that is design specifically for processing messaging traffic. iCONX message includes full audit trail capability, and is delivered with industry leading technologies.

iCONX Messaging is independently audited and certified in privacy and security standards, including ISO27001, ISO22301, BS10012, and SOC1 SSAE 18 for financial integrity controls.

wholesale telecommunications

Maximise decision making

Easy access to impressive reporting data and alerts on your messaging traffic and commercial data, that users can simply customise to meet their needs.

wholesale management

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iCONX messaging – billing, routing and trading features



Streamline the growing world of messaging partner agreements.

Automatically import and verify suppliers’ ratesheets, with vigilance over daily price changes. Both MCC-MNC or dialcode are fully supported. Intelligent alerts provide what is necessary to police short-notice rate rises with confidence.

Load, rate and re-rate messaging events with confidence.

Take full control of tiered and differential rating regimes, generating invoice totals and reconciliation statements for total revenue assurance with partners.

Superior rating and routing capability mean that both the Delivered or Submitted records can be supported. Additional technical identifiers including IMSI, Anumber range, signalling and senderId, can all be considered in the systems configuration.

Discount schemes, and premium (e.g. transactional) and budget (e.g. marketing) A2P products can be clearly segregated, with different rating and routing rules.

Route traffic to balance both the best price and optimal quality.

Carriers may be ranked according to Least Cost Route (LCR), or balanced by trading commitments or quality considerations.

Quality metrics for routing exclusion recommendation include latency and success/delivery failure. Routing can be optimised to guarantee SS7 delivery for high value products.

Routing automation can be interfaced to your SMSC hub infrastructure.

Generate a safe cost price to trade with margin assurance.

Rating of your messaging traffic and the forecast results provides a safe costbase from which A-to-Z sales offers to customers can be generated, fine-tuned (eg. mark-up percentages, fixed costs) and published for use by your sales teams.

User-friendly Instant access to your messaging data.

iCONX includes as standard its acclaimed “iCONX Reporting Services” environment, to execute, automate, run, edit and create your own reports, with Data Models spanning commercial, finance, traffic and quality data fields.

We work with the leading Messaging Hub Infrastructure providers.

iCONX offers a “turnkey” partnership with the global world leaders in Messaging Hub Infrastructure – to create a winning package at both technical and commercial levels!

iCONX process diagram

See how iCONX Messaging  can meet your Interconnect Billing, Routing and Trading needs for wholesale messaging traffic.

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