Pioneering the ASP delivery model since 2001, iCONX celebrates new processing milestone as 250,000,000,000 customer events pass through its ASP.

Since 2001, and today supporting a customer base in 22 countries worldwide, Dublin-based iCONX has been recognised as a pioneer in the delivery of large-scale business support systems across a hosted ASP model. With over 60% of iCONX customers now accessing their solutions via the ASP, many billions of minutes (both national and international) are continuously processed and stored within the iCONX data-centre.

The iCONX ASP customer base whose voice, SMS and data events have contributed to the 250bn landmark, includes affiliates of major telcos such as Vodafone, KPN and Liberty Global, all of whom have been attracted and retained by iCONX’s combination of operational security, data privacy and resilience, and the ability to scale from very small to very large datasets seamlessly.

Backed by clear SLA commitments, and based out of Europe’s largest data centre group, the iCONX ASP operation boasts fully redundant server and storage infrastructure – including geographic disaster recovery – along with SOX audit compliance (SSAE16), and ISO22301 \ ISO27001 certifications.

Speaking for iCONX, CEO Brendan Rogan commented : “Back in 2001, the concept of cloud-computing was a far-distant pipedream. The iCONX ASP can rightly be termed a pioneer of its time, and thanks to many years’ continuous internal investment in ever more resilient and powerful systems, we now represent the system of choice for anyone considering an interconnect or routing ASP”.

A key component behind the successful operation is an automated, 24/7/365 managed file collection and transfer process, ensuring vital data is accessed from customers’ switch platforms, and made available to the processing software in a near to real-time timeframe.

Data streams may be pulled or pushed according to customer preference, and since a secure SOX audit trail is locked down within iCONX, customers are guaranteed that 100% of CDRs collected downstream are fully reflected in billing, settlement and routing calculations.In this way, the file collection software ensures that commercial SLA’s for the core iCONX services can be met with 100% assurance.

Head of Software Development Shane O’Keeffe commented : “The iCONX file transfer operation is in itself a major activity – so much so that the file transfer software we developed for ourselves internally is today in high demand from a customers as a standalone solution to be used in their own operations”.

“In 2015 we expect interest in our iCONX MFT (managed file transfer) software to grow further, as telcos face complex challenges in configuring and managing their data supply chain”.

Fully scaleable, the iCONX ASP perfectly meets the needs of small, medium and large telco customers. Customers can also commence the service on an ASP model, and later migrate to an onsite licensed solution, if desired.

With no need for hardware investment, this popular option can be funded freely according to both opex, capex and combined investment models.

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