Thanks to the quick-to-deploy “OBR Plugin” from iCONX, carriers can now augment their current interconnect billing system to correct specific inaccuracies in OBR (Origin Based Rating), restoring accuracy to both invoice & reconciliation totals.

Dublin-based iCONX Solutions, a global thought leader for Anumber Billing and OBR (Origin Based Rating), has launched the world’s first “OBR Plugin” module, designed to enable carriers to quickly fix their OBR invoicing and reconciliation errors without the need for a full system replacement.

Working alongside a telco’s installed legacy billing system, the OBR Plugin collects call data, filters it for OBR traffic types, and rates the appropriate traffic sets correctly to ensure that differential rates triggered by origin are accurately calculated.

With full compatibility for loading the latest partner pricesheet formats via its advanced Autoloader, the iCONX Plugin then returns accurate invoice and reconciliation totals, either manually or automatically, to the telco’s billing team.

The iCONX OBR Plugin also incorporates selected progressive features from the full iCONX Interconnect v10.5 software product, including the ability to ‘batch’ origins flexibly down to an “any-to-any” mapping granularity. This sophisticated feature means that users can cut through repetitious rates and codes handling tasks, applying rating rules in one move to origin-sets and destination-sets alike, and greatly boosting productivity for handling the much tlarger price and code matrices emerging in the market.

Speaking for iCONX, Head of Sales & Marketing, Gavin Stewart commented : “We anticipate huge interest in the OBR Plugin from carriers reluctant to face the major pain of stripping out old systems simply to correct the inaccuracies caused by Origin Based Rating initiatives in the market”.

“With the pace of OBR adoption accelerating both within Europe and beyond, carriers face growing operational headaches as well as negative business impacts. Thanks to a rapid deployment timeline, the OBR Plugin allows carriers to ‘catch-up’ and fix the basic problems swiftly and cleanly”.

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