iCONX is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Vodafone, marking an exciting venture into Oman’s dynamic telecom market. As Oman’s trailblazing Telco, Vodafone has not only pioneered a 5G network from day one but has also embraced a 100% cloud-based network infrastructure.

In just a year of operations, Vodafone has outlined an ambitious roadmap, aiming to cover 60% of Oman’s population with 5G by end-2023 and an impressive 90% by 2025. This strategic alliance reflects Vodafone’s commitment to cutting-edge connectivity and substantial customer base expansion.

Explore the details of this collaboration and Oman’s telecom evolution in our feature here.

Stay tuned as iCONX and Vodafone combine expertise to drive innovation, shaping the future of telecom in Oman.