iCONX presented its latest market findings to the Carriers World (2016) conference clearly showing an accelerating trend for countries approving “OBR” or Anumber billing.

Dublin-based iCONX Solutions, a global thought leader for Anumber billing and OBR (Origin Based Rating), addressed an expert audience of wholesale and international carrier professionals during Carriers World 2016 (London, September 21-22)

Speaking on day 1 of the conference, Senior Interconnect Analyst, Vincent Coessens summarised the history and the drivers behind the emergence of Anumber surcharges, along with recommendations for how carriers may best address the pain element for daily operations – whilst also exploit the positive opportunities for pricing and margin management.

In tracing the history and emergence of Anumber billing, iCONX identified each confirmed country where the national regulator has approved a differential pricing regime according to call origin.

When plotted against time, a clear trend emerged showing an increasing acceleration in the number of countries approving OBR.

Vincent Coessens commented : “What was once a small exception here and there has gathered momentum into a much wider movement. In fact, during 2016 alone the total number of OBR countries has already doubled”

“Furthermore, we now see OBR start to be implemented outside European nations. Non-EEA countries are expected to retaliate, by applying their own Anumber surcharges back to Europe – and this has already been observed in recent new price-plans”.

The iCONX presentation also identified other countries where the regulator has pre-authorised OBR, and the market simply waits for the first operator to apply and launch the new pricing model.

iCONX offers a fully-compliant solution at both rating and routing level, with a complete end-to-end focus that factors Anumber surcharges into billing, settlement, costbase and through to A-based routing plans.

Recently iCONX also announced its revolutionary “OBR Plugin” module, enabling carriers to quickly fix their OBR invoicing and reconciliation errors without need of a full system replacement.

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