Rating & Routing for Messaging

Autoload & Manage Suppliers’ Offers

Streamline the growing world of partner offers : Autoload and validate suppliers ratesheets, destinations and codes with intelligent alerts to flag unexpected parameters. Configure wholesale agreements and services with ease, managing carriers, hubs and enterprise organisations within the GUI. Full compliance for MCC-MNC or dialcode based events. Map against your own master destination list, or that of a partner.

Differential Rating of Messaging Events

Load, rate and re-rate messaging events : Take full control of tiered and differential rating regimes, generating invoice totals and reconciliation statements for total revenue assurance with partners. Support for discount schemes & both pre and postpaid billing.

LCR Routing Management

Route traffic to exploit both LCR and quality considerations : carriers may be ranked according to LCR, balanced by quality considerations – such as overrides for quality metrics (including latency). Routing automation can be interfaced to your SMSC or Gateway infrastructure, and full support for multiple routing products.

Ready for RCS

Embrace the world of RCS with confidence – the iCONX tool is ready to load, rate and route the next generation of messaging types. A2P, P2P, P2A and Premium SMS fully supported, and automated SMS from the enterprise sector.

Generate selling pricelists

Rated traffic provides a safe costbase from which sales offers to customers can be generated, fine-tuned and published.

Fully compliant for Technical Identifiers

Technical identifiers are complex and vary – IMSI, Anum ranges, signalling – all supported with ease within the iCONX module.

Delivery Models

Hosted ASP

Outsource your infrastructure headaches, get live sooner – our ASP fits around you as operations scale.

Managed Services

Everything from an extra pair of hands to specialised services – keeping headcounts low.

Fully Licensed

Total control, backed by full training and a clear support & maintenance SLA.

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