Dublin-based wholesale routing, billing and fraud management specialist iCONX has launched an automated service for uploading real-world Fraud intelligence to its customers – known as the iCONX “KnowledgeBase” – as part of its latest v3 FMS upgrade.

iCONX Fraud KnowledgeBase

As part of its continuous programme of product improvement, iCONX has released v3 of its Fraud Management System.

Key to this latest upgrade is the development and release of the new “KnowledgeBase” subscription and managed service. This combines a best-of-breed data intelligence upload, coupled with additional managed services focusing on the maintenance and updating of numbering plans.

To power the service, data is sourced from a range of carefully selected external partners, and combined with real-world intelligence sourced from the iCONX customer base. As a leading supplier of ASP-based solutions to telcos worldwide, iCONX sits on billions of records of confidential data, and participating iCONX customers have consented to share intelligence wherever it can assist anti-fraud activities.

KnowledgeBase data – real world fraud Intelligence is key

Within the existing iCONX Fraud Engine, powerful algorithms already are analysing a telco’s network traffic to detect suspicious scenarios. Now, with the advent of the KnowledgeBase, the iCONX FMS has a 2nd ally to give it a “winning start” – which is the automated, realtime upload of important data intelligence sourced from the real-world, and focusing on a number of areas :

  • IRSF Managed Data, test numbers, IPRN
  • Allocated / Unallocated numbers and ranges
  • High risk numbers and ranges
  • Indicative Wholesale Rates
  • CLI length intelligence
  • Observed and reported fraud cases from around the world

Thanks to the KnowledgeBase, telcos can identify known fraud numbers immediately and without needing to wait for traffic profiles to grow in the Central Fraud Engine processing. Telcos can also confirm fraud cases more quickly – for instance, where the Central Fraud Engine identifies a suspicious match, and a positive match is also triggered from one or more cases contained in Knowledgebase data – at which point the system escalates further, to support more confident decision making on next steps.

KnowledgeBase managed services – maintaining and updating your WNP

As well as feeding the system with preloaded fraud intelligence, the service will establish a World Numbering Plan, optimised for fraud purposes, within the Central Fraud Engine. This will be updated automatically to keep it always in a current state (eg. when ranges convert from unallocated to allocated

iCONX managed services will also calculate and offer indicative rates to be present within the system. This allows for wholesale finance calculations to be applied, even if rated data is not present in the feed to the system, and this also directly supports the detection of important scenarios such as PBX Hack, high-cost / PRN frauds

In this way the iCONX KnowledgeBase provides a privileged view on the riskier numbers – and it also knows where the higher rates live

Action centre for user

V3 also features an enhanced “Action Centre” – a central area for users to log and manage the “cases” which are output by the Central Fraud Engine. The Action Centre provides a business workflow for cases (including system-driven escalations), helping users or teams to approve the case for blocking or other actions

Subscriptions let users filter what cases are pushed to them for attention. A feedback loop also tags and returns successfully confirmed fraud cases back into the master iCONX KnowledgeBase for participating customers

More information

With a recent study showing IRSF fraud losses have risen >230% in the past 4 years, telcos (whether terminating operators or transit carriers) are increasingly vulnerable to losing hard-earned margin at the hands of international fraudsters. Please contact info@iconxsolutions.com for an urgent discussion on how iCONX’s FMS can bring you more rapid detection and more direct & precise control over blocking!