Vodafone Qatar becomes latest customer to enter live production with the iCONX routing optimisation solution

Inter-carrier billing and routing optimisation solutions specialist iCONX Solutions has announced that Vodafone Qatar is the latest customer to enter live production with the iCONX RO (Routing Optimisation) solution.

The deal provides Vodafone Qatar with a fully scoped RO solution, encompassing additional, specialised Quality analysis and reporting tools alongside the core LCR and routing functionality.

The RO system has been deployed to integrate seamlessly into the existing Vodafone Qatar Interconnect Billing system, also provided by iCONX, and in live use since early 2010. The common deployment allows Vodafone Qatar users to access all functionalities from a single login, GUI and harmonised set of reference data to achieve the maximum productivity gains available.

Speaking on behalf of Vodafone Qatar, Head of Roaming and Interconnect Marc Hilhorst commented, “Tight control of call quality is of extreme importance to Vodafone Qatar as a way to maintain high levels of retail customer satisfaction. The iCONX RO solution gives us sophisticated analytic and reporting tools in the Quality domain with rapid-response capability, and these allow us to identify and manage negative quality issues confidently long before they can impact on customers”

“Alongside the existing billing solution, iCONX now provides us with a trusted a-s-p delivery service across our wholesale billing, settlement and routing space. The additional RO solution was thoroughly tested in live operations and met all its objectives comfortably”.

The iCONX software facilitates Quality management via a configurable series of alarms, alerts and report subscriptions, to highlight issues at trunk and capacity level. The solution delivers Quality KPIs derived from both successful and failed call events, and pre-defined thresholds enable Vodafone Qatar to manage routing plans pro-actively in daily operations.

On behalf of iCONX solutions, Brendan Rogan, CEO commented : “ Having worked as partners since commercial launch, we are extremely proud to be continuing our business association with Vodafone Qatar. The iCONX team has worked hard to deliver a market leading product that can deliver key benefits for exacting and high-profile business requirements like this.”

Vodafone Qatar is the latest customer to choose iCONX’s new Routing Optimisation product, which is available in both a-s-p and onsite (SW license) delivery models. The solution offers a number of optional quality, wholesale trading and automation modules, grouped around a common core product.

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