iCONX Solutions has announced that Vodafone Qatar is the latest live customer for the iCONX a-s-p interconnect billing solution. The deal provides Vodafone Qatar with an end-to-end, fully integrated interconnect billing solution which facilitates the accurate rating, charging and settlement of its interconnect business both domestically and internationally.

Alongside its core v9 interconnect billing software, iCONX also delivered its enhanced file collection software module (FCAD), plus a range of complex interfacing solutions, as part of the 11-week project.

Vodafone, which received the second mobile licence for Qatar in June 2008, selected iCONX as a key partner in its quest to achieve a rapid launch schedule and meet challenging go-live milestones in 2009.

To meet its deadlines, the iCONX project team worked closely with Vodafone to devise an accelerated project plan, capable of delivering to a faster than average timescale. iCONX Head of Product & Delivery Sacha Jones explains : “The Vodafone project required some innovations to our usual approach. Chief amongst these : the project had to be completed in 11 weeks as opposed to our more usual 4 month turnaround”

On behalf of Vodafone Qatar, Brian Hunter said : “iCONX has been successful in providing a fast-track solution which successfully met the challenging timeframe requirements of the Vodafone Qatar business. The cycle from initial implementation to live use was extremely rapid, and has enabled the business to address its interconnect business with full confidence”.