Senior Interconnect Analyst VINCENT COESSENS will address the conference on the challenges & opportunities presented by OBR, both now and in the future.

Dublin-based iCONX Solutions, a global thought leader for Anumber Billing and OBR (Origin Based Rating), will present to an expert audience of wholesale and international carrier professionals during Carriers World 2016 (London, September 21-22).

iCONX, a silver sponsor of the event, is also among the exhibitors and is offering an opportunity to meet the team and see the latest iCONX software in action.

Senior Interconnect Analyst Vincent Coessens will deliver a presentation summarising the history and the drivers behind the recent emergence of Anumber surcharges, and some predictions as to the likely endgame for this major new market dynamic.

iCONX Head of Sales & Marketing Gavin Stewart commented : “As OBR marches onwards through Europe and beyond, so carrier wholesale teams must develop new operational strategies to protect themselves from losses, whilst also making the most of the very real opportunities out there”.

“With customers worldwide, iCONX is uniquely positioned to monitor the impact as OBR spreads across the globe, and our systems are fully compliant today for loading, rating and routing of all traffic according to origin, destination, and any combination & mapping of the two”.

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