This new technical tool from iCONX enables both technical and non-technical users to take direct control of blocking and emergency re-routing – forging an immediate, real-time bond between business decisions and network actions.​

What does it do?

The iCONX Routing & Blocking Portal enables authorised users to immediately apply blocking and/or re-routing actions, in a manner that is independent of existing separate processes for routing plan creation or blocking management.

The tool can be operated completely independently (as a standalone module), or as a sister-solution to either the iCONX Fraud Management System, or the iCONX Routing Optimisation System.

Its commands will provision directly to the same network element(s) or central routing engines as the main routing management process, if one is in place – providing for perfect synchronisation.

In addition, it provides full visibility of Default Routing in a single, easily viewable GUI – plus the ability to apply routing exceptions

Why might you need it?

In routing management, telcos sometimes need to make urgent & immediate adjustments to their routing plan – especially in case suspicious or fraudulent activities are detected.

Yet changing the routing plan can be a complex affair – even when a proficient Routing Optimisation or LCR solution is in place. Any operational delay could eat up valuable time, during which time vital margin is being lost, and/or fraudsters or wholesale trading partners are taking further advantage.

In fraud control, rapid and early detection is vital to minimise losses arising from fraud attacks such as Wangiri, PBX hacking, and IRSF. But rapid detection is ultimately pointless if an operational delay then follows whilst blocking requests are communicated and acted upon.

With the iCONX Routing and Blocking portal, the business users gain full control (including GUI) over blocking actions thru’ a seamless direct interface direct to the network. A full audit trail of user actions is present and workflow supported.

In essence, the solution provides a quicker pathway to urgent Routing and Blocking changes, without compromising overall operational integrity in any way.​

Summary of key features

  • Summary of Key Features
  • A dedicated GUI hands immediate control to the authorised user
  • Get visibility of all current /default routing
  • A consolidated grid shows the user all switch routing plans in a single view
  • Create and manage “exception” routing
  • Allows the authorised user to override the default routing plan

Additional / optional features

  • Extend permissions to colleagues (eg. country or NOC users), whilst controlling & restricting their access (eg. individual carriers & no. ranges) and/or read-only access.
  • Load bulk datasets for (eg.) 3rd party whitelist/blacklists
  • Run “2-way integrity checks” to establish what’s actually on your NW element or CRE, via Callflow Lookups
  • Block A and/or Bnumber together from a single GUI
  • Create blocks on specific CLI scenarios
  • Run Historic reporting analysis on blocks to identify and note troublesome routes
  • Interface to other external related systems eg. run IVR messages to retail subscribers