The Role of interconnect billing in Element-based Conveyance

Element-based conveyance is an essential element in the interconnect billing process. It can be used to calculate national interconnect prices – without the various complexities normally associated with interconnection.

Interconnect prices may be determined by a number of parameters, including the number of switches the operator has, the switch type, the distance a call travels on an operator’s network and even the time of day.

By recognising where a call enters a specified switch and the number range it is destined for, EBC can determine which charge band will apply – single or double tandem, for example. This will then minimise the risk of inaccurate data being fed into the system and hence produce fair interconnect prices.

Each charge band will then have a specific rate allocated to it and least cost routing methodology allows operators to ensure that they will be charged optimally, selecting the shortest possible path between the switch and the destination number range.

As part of the iCONX service, the complex and cumbersome upload of all incumbent data, including EBC and non-EBC data, is taken care of.

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