Hosted ASP Summarised

The iCONX systems are hosted remotely at the EU-located iCONX data centre as an “ASP”. The hardware, software and expertise necessary to ensure correct operation are all provided remotely by iCONX. All of your unique data will also be stored securely at the iCONX data centre. Your users will access and operate the system as normal, via a secure web-browser login.

Efficient Operational Model

As an automated process, iCONX GDPR-compliant file collection software transfers (either pull / push) vital data such as EDRs from your switch collection platform to be processed in the systems. Our support teams also take responsibility for checking that your traffic has been rated and processed successfully.

Technical Excellence

* Automated data collection with our GDPR compliant data transfer solution

* Automated data processing within our Equinix data centers

* Automated data presentation across our mature browser based solutions

* For more detailed information regarding the technical iCONX ASP Hosted environment, click here

Key Benefits

  • Operations & Support guaranteed by an SLA
  • 100% EU-located infrastructure with GDPR-compliant file transfer processes
  • Highest levels of governance for data security and business continuity (ISO 27001, ISO22301)
  • Compliance with national Privacy laws and Telecoms Regulatory requirements
  • No need to invest in hardware
  • On-demand scalability to cope with increases and fluctuations in your traffic
  • Minimal IT and admin costs
  • Your users have complete control over system operations
  • Simplified access to iCONX roadmap
  • Fully redundant servers and storage with comprehensive DR

Managed Services Summarised

As well as hosting the system for you, iCONX provides a full range of managed services to address your billing & routing requirements. Additional services (eg. rates loading, report production, month-end preparation) can be cherry-picked one by one to suit your requirement. Alternatively the entire interconnect billing and routing management function can be outsourced if desired.

Customisable Service Levels

To help you scope this, we break down the key tasks into a 30-item menu for your selection. Tasks may also be shared – for instance, iCONX can provide an automated reporting pack, whilst you simultaneously retain your own reporting login for ad hoc analysis.

Flexible Commercial Options

iCONX Managed Services come with two flexible payment options. 

* Capex-free : you pay via MRC (monthly recurring charges), which are scaled against the exact daily/monthly volumes of traffic passing through the system

* Capex-loaded : where Capex is favoured, front-loaded commitments may be scaled against an agreed term.

Key Benefits

  • Productivity can be improved without increasing headcount
  • Repetitive or labour-intensive tasks can be outsourced, freeing your people to work on more high-value activities
  • Specialist tasks can be outsourced, for which skilled employees may be hard to find
  • Reduced training costs
  • Operations guaranteed by an SLA
  • Support & Maintenance provided to a clear SLA

Fully Licensed Summarised

The iCONX systems are hosted onsite at your premises. iCONX provides a license to operate our software, and the hardware and expertise necessary to ensure correct operation are your responsibility. As part of the fully licensed delivery models, data storage is also locked down on your own hardware. The iCONX systems are identical across all models, with a front-end GUI for all functions, and your users access and operate the system as normal, via a secure web-browser login.

Maximum Control & Ownership

When you select the iCONX fully licensed delivery model, your team is responsible for the daily operation of the system. The software is installed and configured at your premises, after which we provide full user training and our global support team is available to provide guidance and assistance wherever needed.

Flexible Commercial Options

* Capex : you pay a one-off Software License fee, which is scaled against the exact daily/monthly volumes of traffic passing through the system

* Support & Maintenance provided according to an annual charge

Key Benefits

  • Total control of the operations and the asset(s)
  • Support & Maintenance provided to a clear SLA
  • Full system training provided
  • Full IT and admin training provided
  • Access to iCONX product roadmap

Our Services

We employ our own dedicated international implementation team to work on-site with you through to live operations. You receive a clear & detailed calendarised project plan, which also gives full visibility of the resource requirement from you to complete the project. Our onsite and offsite resources then coordinate to fully model & configure the iCONX systems with your essential network information, agreements, products and all other data that’s unique to you, taking you through to UAT, system training, and handover to live operations.
Specialist training is vital to ensure your people become fully proficient users of the iCONX software. A full system training programme is provided, typically across a 2-week period, and conducted onsite using a test system modelled with your own data. For Fully Licensed customers, admin and IT training is also provided. Your trainers are fully employed by iCONX, and with many years system experience of their own.
At iCONX, we support your wholesale business, not just your wholesale system. Our support team boasts a deep knowledge of the system, enabling them to address and resolve your queries in a speedy and accurate manner. Equally, having recruited our support team from within the industry, iCONX is able to deliver added-value business understanding to you. With a 24/7/365 capability, and customers in timezones up to and including GMT +13, iCONX multi-language support is global in focus, but always with a personal touch.

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