Before placing their faith in an outsourced ASP service, telcos require the utmost assurances on data security and connectivity.

This is a frequent and understandable concern, where iCONX is always happy to reassure potential customers! In the past, many of our largest customers have visited our data centre in person, conducting end to end audits to obtain the satisfaction they need. So, what did they find when they got there?

Data centre

Our private cloud service is hosted on a dedicated virtualised environment at one of Europe’s largest data centre facilities – Dublin-based Equinix Group ( This facility is run by a specialist team with more than thirty years expertise in network and facilities management.


Our service is connected to the Internet with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure that there is no single point of failure. The multi-homed architecture guarantees 100% uptime and optimised path selection.

Co-location is in the same facility as the Internet Neutral Exchange (INEX), the peering point for all Irish ISPs. This ensures reliable and direct connectivity to the backbone of the internet at all times.

Security and data pivacy

The iCONX cloud service is by design, configured to deliver the highest levels of governance for data security (ISO 27001) and data privacy (BS10012).

Our service is fully Compliant with national Privacy laws and Telecoms Regulatory requirements including the European GDPR data privacy rules. Our cloud service platforms are EU-located and include GDPR-compliant MFT file transfer processes.

Data & physical systems security

Cisco Firewalls protect the iCONX cloud service. Implementations of SSL, SSH2 and IPSec ensure the privacy and integrity of all transmissions across the Internet to and from our cloud service. All cloud service activities and transmissions are monitored, logged and audited.

We benefit from a 24x7x365 high-level secure data centre facility that is fully monitored and managed by a leading security company. In addition, the centre uses Hand Geometry Technology for enforcement of security access to nominate persons and the centre has over 100 motion sensitive CCTV cameras. All systems benefit from full fire protection and are housed in locked and unmarked racks.

Host hardware configuration

HP and Dell server technologies fulfil our data processing requirements. Fully redundant Hitachi SANs host our customers’ data. These systems offer the performance, scalability and advanced functionality we need to manage our customers’ information.

Disaster recovery

The iCONX cloud service is co-located in a facility that adheres to the highest industry standards for co-location and hosting services. Within that facility we house and monitor industry leading communications and server systems with built in redundancy and fail-over to a secondary site.

In the event of any serious faults on our cloud service at our primary site, our service includes full redundancy which is independently audited (ISO 22301).

Investing: in customer peace of mind

iCONX is proud to be considered the market leader and pioneers in cloud-based services for wholesale management systems. Some of our customers have been using the cloud service since our launch in 2001.

We have a team of extremely qualified technical personnel that deliver and support our cloud service platforms. We are using the latest technologies and best in industry data centre and colocation services, provided by Equinix.